Why us?

We work across a hugely diverse range of different sectors.

Many of projects have been extremely challenging – from interviewing people who attempted to take their own lives on behalf of the charity Samaritans or interviewing ultra-high net worth individuals about their spending habits or getting women across America to invite us into their homes and show us their diamonds….

Over the years, we have developed a number of areas of real expertise

Hard to reach / hard to interview audiences

– experience in the Charity / NGO sector

Some of our most challenging work has been with audiences traditionally hostile to ever engaging with market research.  Over the last four years we have conducted research for Samaritans, Combat Stress and BHF, CARE International talking to:

–  People who have attempted to take their own lives  for Samaritans
–  Young Offenders about depression in prisons
–  Former servicemen & women, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress
–  Long term unemployed 30-50yr old men in Glasgow and Middlesbrough
–  Talking to clinically depressed or mentally unwell men about depression
–  Charity donors about their personal reasons for supporting charities
–  Local in-country charity directors in Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia

This means we have real experience of engaging with sometimes hostile or unstable audiences about extremely personal and upsetting subjects.

At the opposite end of the income spectrum, we also have a specialism in high net worth audiences – experience in the  Premium and Luxury Brands sector

The Volante team have worked for clients such as American Express, DeBeers, Swarovski  and Moet&Chandon, looking at issues as diverse as:

 –  Ultra-affluent charge card owners about expectations of customer service
–  Affluent women in America and China about why they buy diamonds
–  Regular champagne drinkers about their perceptions of brands

We also have extensive experience in the Tech and Consumer Electronics sector, having worked for Sony Electronics, Sony Mobile, T-Mobile and Xerox, looking at:

 –  innovation and product development
–  brand perception
–  advertising development
–  pre and post advertising campaign evaluation